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Catholic Family Life assumes and integrates the operations of Family Life Society (FLS) and the Archdiocesan Commission for the Family (ACF). This will allow us to better focus on our Catholic roots and ethos, as we continue our efforts to form, empower and restore families to flourish in the intimate love of God. Through our programmes and services, we will continue to promote the dignity of all individuals and families, and to remind us all of our true identity as Children of God, and to go forth and be visible signs of God’s love to the world.




Formation of Catholic Family Life shall better leverage on resources in attending to the needs to the families, especially Catholic families, in fulfilling the CFL mission, which is distilled from the mission of both FLS and ACF.


Catholic Family Life as a consolidated body is expected to be more efficacious in the following:

- Family Strategy

- Thought Leadership

- Formation Programmes

- Outreach Activities


Programmes and services remain the main stream offers.


A Family that Prays Together,
Stays Together.

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