Thriving, not just Surviving

Blooming, not just Existing

Maturing, not just Stagnating

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Made for Sainthood

Sainthood seems like the ideal pursuit for all Christians. However, is it merely an unattainable dream, particularly in the brokenness that is the world today? 


Read on to hear what St Alphonsus Liguori has to say about this.


The Growth Mindset

What is a Growth Mindset? How do I differentiate it from a Fixed Mindset? What are some misconceptions about this way of thinking? 


Read on to find out more!


Caring to Restore

What does the Japanese art form, Kintsugi, teach us about family life? Specifically, about the brokenness of family life that exists today?


Read on to find out more!


The Impact of Present or Absent Fathers

The importance of a Father's presence in one's developmental years has been well documented and researched over the years. How does a present father help with their child's development? What are the implications of an absent father?


Read more to hear two young men share their experiences with either a present or absent father. 


How you and your spouse can work together to share difficult topics with your child 

As parents, we are our children’s first educators. This is truly a heavy responsibility, and one that might necessitate us having challenging, but important conversations with them. As a couple, how can we best work together and support one another, in order to ensure we have effective, yet meaningful conversations with our children?


Read on for 3 tips we would like to share with you!


Motherhood: Sanctifying Family Life through Jesus’ Humanity

Motherhood is one such “ordinary” path. Often, it is filled with it’s own set of challenges, and twists and turns along the way. Yet, it is certainly a journey no mother would exchange the world for. These are sentiments commonly expressed by mothers of the Couple Empowerment Programme (CEP), an Archdiocesan-approved Post-Marriage Catechesis and formation programme based on the Catholic Church’s teachings, which also touch on modern day issues faced by married couples.


As we celebrate Mother’s Day come 9 May, let us hear the reflections of Marie and Yunita, two mothers from CEP, and their journeys of Motherhood amidst the realities of their family life. They share with us their stories.

Family Life through the Years

Family life is always changing, and needs to constantly adapt to meet the needs of the times. How has Family Life Society, the Archdiocesan Commission for the Family, and eventually Catholic Family Life, evolved to meet the needs of Singaporean families more intimately?



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