• Embracing our Cross

    As Christians, we are often called to "take up our cross" and follow Jesus. But what does this truly entail? Is this age-old invitation still relevant to us today?


    Read on for Tiana's story on how she came to embrace her own cross in today's day and age.

  • Singlehood: Experiencing God's Unconditional Love

    Can one truly find rest in God today as a single person, where romance and relationships have found themselves at the forefront of our social lives and family conversations?


    Read on to hear this reflection on St Augustine's famous quote: “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”

  • Made for Sainthood

    Sainthood seems like the ideal pursuit for all Christians. However, is it merely an unattainable dream, particularly in the brokenness that is the world today? 


    Read on to hear what St Alphonsus Liguori has to say about this.


  • The Impact of Present or Absent Fathers

    The importance of a Father's presence in one's developmental years has been well documented and researched over the years. How does a present father help with their child's development? What are the implications of an absent father?


    Read more to hear two young men share their experiences with either a present or absent father. 

  • Motherhood: Sanctifying Family Life

    The journey of motherhood is often filled with it's own set of twists and turns. Yet, no mother would exchange the world for it. Whether its having to fit the responsibilities of Motherhood into the mere 24 hours we have a day, or having to take on new and unexpected roles, the love of a Mother gives meaning to these sacrifices she makes.


    How have Marie and Yunita managed to experience the joys of Motherhood amidst the busyness of their roles as mothers? Read on to find out more!

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